Repair, retrofit and Ecofit - sustainable cost savings

We make your machinery fit for the future again. Starting with the certified repair of individual assemblies with original spare parts, through preventive Ecofit services, to sustainable retrofit projects.

Efficiency, sustainability and cost savings - we keep your machines in the game. Guaranteed for at least 26 months.

Certified repair processes for proven ESKA-Welt quality

In order to be able to guarantee our customers the best quality, our processes are certified according to DIN ISO 9001. 

Elaborate cleaning 
of the components in special cleaning systems

Fault diagnosis 
on specific test stands by our experts

Repair or replacement 
of the defective components with original parts

Test run 
under load up to 72 hours 

Creation of a test protocol 
with seal for documentation 


 26 months warranty 
from our components